Continente de Matosinhos Parking renovated

31 março 2020 / CJR

The supermarket Continente, located in The Norte Shopping, in Matosinhos, relied on Cândido José Rodrigues S.A. to renovate its Parking lot pavement.

It was a project, as explained by the responsible for the Bituminous teams that were at the site, Eng. Jorge Castro, full of challenges, “mostly due to the fact that it was an intense work carried out in very particular conditions, since it is a semi-closed space, inserted in a large commercial area that, despite the contingencies imposed by the DGS, given the current pandemic situation that we live in the country, continues to be quite frequented, which required extra attention, not only with customers, but also with our workers”.

Safety was one of the aspects that deserved the most attention by the technicians on the spot, not only with regard to the natural concerns with the space visitors, but also with CJR SA’s own employees, who had to do paving works in a semi-closed space. The main concern was to air the space properly, in order to avoid the concentration of toxic fumes.

The works included the paving of 18,000 m2 of area, which made a total of 630t of applied bituminous mixture, in addition to vertical and horizontal signage.

This is yet another project that demonstrated the execution capacity of Cândido José Rodrigues, S.A. and its technical and professional quality that it has, deserving the trust of renowned clients such as Sonae S.A.



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