CJR SA builds industrial pavilion in 3 months

30 janeiro 2020 / CJR
Last December, Cândido José Rodrigues SA handed over the keys to another work, completed with great success and which reflects the capacity and professionalism of the company's civil engineering team, the expansion of the industrial pavilion of Ideal, a company located in Selho S. Lourenço, Guimarães dedicated to the production of graphic arts works.
This project was under the control of Engineer Rui Sentieiro, who, at the end of the project, was very proud to have fulfilled a challenge launched by the Project Owner himself: the construction of a 1000 m2 pavilion in three months, “we were presented with an interesting challenge: the expansion construction of the graphic arts company Ideal warehouse, before Christmas. We’ve started in October and we were able to meet the deadline with quality and professionalism, thanks to advance planning, rigorous work execution and a joint team effort between our employees and the subcontractors”, he said.
The work “went according to plan and the biggest challenge came at the very beginning, with the need to proceed with the considerable movement of land on the site and a large dismantling of rock”, stressed Engineer Rui Sentieiro, referring that the remainder work did not bring big surprises from the engineering point of view.
The construction of the pavilion comprised an implementation area of ​​1000 m2, the installation of 35 tons of structural iron and about 300m3 of concrete, as well as the placement of the cladding structure and infrastructure to support the building, such as plumbing or electricity. In the end, a modern pavilion emerged that responds to all the needs of a company that is guided by success.


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