CJR SA collaborates with Burguer King

24 janeiro 2020 / CJR

We have been seeing, in the past few years, a new market impulse with several companies betting on the Portuguese market for their business expansion, like Mercadona, the largest supermarket chain in Spain, or the Burguer King Fast Food restaurant chain.

CJR SA is a part of that growth, assuming a leading position with a successful partnership with one of the companies responsible for the expansion of the Burguer King’s brand in Portugal. CJR SA was part of the construction of 15 new restaurants, working on earthmoving works, stormwater drainage networks, water supply infrastructures, fire nets, telecommunication and electrical networks, gas infrastructures, paving, sidewalks, exterior landscaping and horizontal signs.

Domingos Maciel is the Construction Director of this projects, that are being built all over the north region at an intense pace, with several projects running at the same time, and in very different locations, which has been a “huge challenge, implying several trips per day, leaving little time for other equally important tasks”, has Domingos Maciel says, adding that “this has been an exciting and challenging project, as the short time we have to do the works or the small spaces in which we have to perform our tasks, that imply a rigorous management between the several type of works that are occurring at the same time”, along with this situations we also have to deal with the “daily alterations to the project to address the emerging issues that arise throughout the works”.

Last December CJR debuted further south, collaborating in the construction of Barreiro’s new Burguer King, “another project that presents new challenges, since we are working on a region with a different nature and climate than we are used to, that implies new approaches. To that, we can add the distance, which forces my team to stay away from home during the week”, stated Domingos Maciel.

The partnership between CJR SA and one of the companies responsible for the construction of this restaurants in Portugal, has been a successful one, thanks to effective deadlines, professionalism and the quality of services provided, “result of effective management of teams that are deeply involved in each project”, as Domingos Maciel emphasized, adding that “is thanks to this committed, determined and well organized team, that sacrifices their personal time for the company, that this projects are made possible”.

The Burguer King restaurant chain has over 100 restaurants across the country and is expecting to grow in the next few years.

This are the restaurants in which we’ve collaborated:

- Amarante

- Barreiro

- Bragança

- Braga – Frossos

- Darque – Viana do Castelo

- Fafe

- Marco de Canaveses

- Paços de Ferreira

- Paredes

- Rio Tinto

- St. Tirso

- Vila Real

- Vila Nova de Famalicão

- Vila Nova de Cerveira

- Vizela



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