Percurso do Adarve abre ao público

04 julho 2019 / CJR

It has already opened the most recent touristic attraction in Guimarães signed by CJR SA, the Adarve Path in the city walls, close to the City Council building, right in the middle of the historic center.

This was a very defying project for CJR SA, and the final result amazes for its esthetic simplicity and for the panoramic views that it offers for those who walk the Path.

In the words of Engineer Paulo Antunes, director of this project, the biggest challenges of this undertaking were related with the patrimonial environment and the attention needed with the edified heritage, classified has a World Heritage place, like the wall, and the care needed with the importance and meaning of the Alberto Sampaio Museum. The symbolism, detail, and specificities of this project were additional barriers, as its global characteristics, very related with metal works (a very defying area for CJR in the sense that this is not our core business). Also, the access conditions to the working area, because it is a mediaeval wall, presented the team a big challenge to which all the personnel had to adapt, especially in what concerns the safety issues related with works at a height and dealing with heavy structures. At last, the short works conclusion deadline, oblige the team to a very strict coordination of internal and external resources. At the end, Paulo Antunes, when questioned about the way he handles this challenge, stated that “because this was a “out of the box” project, where the details and processes weren’t, at first well engineered, it demanded all the team a extra dose of determination, availability and openness towards new learnings”.

The Adarve Path promises to be one of the best touristic attractions in Guimarães, enriching the existent offer in the historic center and the way visitors can appreciate this historical place.



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